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. Avoid 'Overburn CD' option when Writing to any CD. Sometimes the data may not be read.

Enabel and Disable USB port with Registry Keys  

These days Enabling and Disabling USB of our personal computers is becoming very essential to prevent accessibility from unauthorised persons. So that the data in our systems can't be copied into any other USB portable drives or pendrives. For these no other third party application is required. You required to modify your Registry.

Follow these steps.
(To enable the USB port) 
Start->Run->regedit-> ( Navigate to the following line )
The above procedure is for Enabling USB Port

To disable the USB port the following modification is  to  be done.

But Remember 

Everytime to perform these steps it is very cumbersome.
Download this zip file which contains two files, EnableUSB and DisableUSB. Double click any of them to get the desired result described in the beginning of this section.

Check out the following images, you can better understand.

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